Format and Playing Time Changes for the 2017/18 Season

Important Message from MWJCA

New cricket formats for U9s to U11s

U12s and U13s playing cricket on Saturday afternoons (will be confirmed based on number of teams).

Dear Parents and Players

As you may be aware we have a shortage of grounds that have been impacting the competition the last few seasons. The good news is that this has been caused by significant growth in the number of junior cricket players over the last 5 or so years. Our numbers have increased by more than 50% over this period moving from 109 teams in 2011/12 to 170 teams last season.

Over the last couple of seasons we have trialled both afternoon games and shorter T20 games to make best use of the grounds we have available. At the end of last season we conducted a survey and received 400 responses, the overwhelming response was that T20 was the least favourite format and it should be limited to a few games a season.

Another change that has an impact on scheduling of games are the new junior formats Cricket Australia have designed and trialled with a number of associations last season. These new formats have been formulated to both enhance cricket in terms of participation as well as improve skill development for all junior cricketers. The key change being the shortening of games but with less players per team resulting in faster games but MORE cricket (batting, bowling and fielding) for all players. It also means we need more grounds, we have projected that we will have over 200 teams this coming season.

Format Changes

The Cricket Australia formats will be phased in over the next few seasons, and we will be starting with the younger age groups (U9 – U11) next season:

  • U9 & U10s: We use what is called the Club Stage 1 format, 7 players a team, 20 overs per innings, synthetic softer balls & 16m pitch length.
  • U11 Div 2: Will also use the Club Stage 1 format but use real cricket balls (142g) and pitch length of 18m.
  • U11 Div 1: Will use the Club Stage 2 format, 9 players a side, real cricket balls (142g), 18m pitch length, and a mix of one and two day games.

These formats are also being implemented in the representative competitions, you can find more information at:

Saturday Afternoon Games

What this means for us given the limited number of grounds we have is that we will be forced to have Saturday afternoon games. Based on the projections it is predicted that all of U12s and U13s will be played entirely in the afternoon. These age groups have been selected based on the type of grounds we have available (the smaller ones) and the number of games that need to be played.

The association has assessed many options including mid-week games, T20 games and Sunday games and believe afternoon games are the best option. If you have any questions please contact the representatives at your club and they will be passed on to the association.

Manly Warringah Junior Cricket Association


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