• Types of Cricket

Forest District Cricket Club plays in the Manly Warringah Junior Cricket Association competition.  There are many different types of cricket offered at the club:

Age Rules Time 2018/19 Season Description
5-6 years –Junior Blasters More info 1-hour sessions on Friday afternoons over 7 weeks 26 October – 7 December The basic skills of cricket are taught in a fun, engaging way.  There is no actual cricket game played. For girls and boys.
7-8 years – Master Blasters – mixed

(previous U8-U9s)


More info 90 minutes on Saturday mornings from 8.30am (Hews Parade, Belrose) 27 October – 16 March A team of up to 6 players compete against other teams using a soft ball. No pads or gloves required.  Everyone gets an equal turn of batting, bowling and fielding. Played on a small grass field. For girls and boys.
7-8 years – Master Blasters Girls More info 90 minutes on Saturday mornings from 10.30am (David Thomas Reserve, Manly Vale) 27 October – 16 March A girls-only version of Master Blasters (as above).
U10s – U11s Cricket Australia Junior Stage 1 2 hours on Saturdays 8 September – 16 March 7 players a team, 20 overs per innings. 16m pitches with 30m boundaries. Batters face 17 balls. All players bowl one over (maximum 4 overs). A semi-hard ball is used and protective equipment is worn.
U12s Cricket Australia Junior Stage 2 3 hours on Saturday afternoons 8 September – 16 March 9 players a team, 20 overs per innings.  18m pitches with 45m boundary.  Batters face max. 35 balls. All players bowl at least one over. A 142g leather ball is used. If you get out you are out.
U13s – U18s Regular junior rules 3-4 hours on Saturday mornings 8 September – 16 March A 156g leather ball with full equipment.  Traditional cricket rules. synthetic cricket pitches.
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